Artisan Chocolate

Chocolate. Let me count the
ways. I should say at the start that I’m pretty close to a purist: I adore dark
chocolate in the percentage range of 70-75%. And for the most part, I want my
chocolate unadulterated. No foreign bodies mixed inside, save almonds or
walnuts or cocoa beans. So, when in Paris, craving chocolate, I revisit old
favorites chocolatiers and search for new ones.

Chocolatiers here are almost
as ubiquitous as Starbucks. I’m not talking about the volume of patisseries
that could clearly rival Starbucks for dominion. Just pure chocolate

One of my favorites is Jicara where chocolatier Thierry Colas
fashions all manner of shapes among them coffee pots, hearts, soccer balls, and
artist palettes. I love their chocolate tablet and his wafer thin chocolate
morsels with flakes of almond. Another is Fouquet, an early find from years ago. They’ve a reputation for
caramels and pralines since1852, but I’ll stick with their 72% chocolate tablet.

So, I’ve no comments on the
pretty, precious bonbons, fancy laced swirls of whatever inside or on top from
Fouquet or others. With that caveat, I can say I’ve found my new favorite chocolate
tablet by Jean-Paul Hevin: 75% chocolate with a hint of coffee.

The chocolatiers below are
generally not the celebrity chocolate houses you’ve probably read about, but
I’d wager my stash of savory morsels against the better known:



36, rue Laffitte, 9th



Jean-Paul Hevin (I’ve been to the one in the 3rd)

41 rue de Bretagne, 3rd

3 rue Vavin, 6th

23 bis avenue de la Motte




Jicara Chocolat (good choc

91 Rue des Entrepreneurs, 15th

La Petite Chocolatiere,

79 Rue du Commerce, 15th

37, rue des Martyrs, 9th

rue Cler, 7th


114 Boulevard Haussmann,


Find Chocolatiers in every

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