Petersen Auto Museum

Petersen Museum for Car Buffs and Others

Even if you’re not an auto aficionado (I’m not), one can surely find an element of oohs and ahs when visiting The Peterson Auto Museum in LA. Hard to miss the building itself: Like a crazy layer cake interspersed with red and metallic icing, the façade is wrapped in a spiraling whirl of metalwork resembling a car grill. Inside, even the stairwell appears as a vortex of chrome.

1981 Delorean Time Machine, Back to the Future

I was fascinated with the history of former celebrity-owned cars (Steve McQueen’s is there), futurist visions of transport with aircraft-inspired styling, and film vehicles such as the Winged Warrior 1989 Batmobile, Herbie the Love Bug, and the Delorean DMC12 Time Machine driven in “Back to the Future.”

Holy SideCar, Batman! Yes, TV’s 1966 Yamaha YDS-3 BatCycle is here, too. But, most of all, I loved the shiny chrome colors rarely available on current cars: metal lime green, eggplant purple, and orange ice to name a few. Polished to a high sheen, cars new and old glittered and gleamed. Three floors full.

On view are antique machines that weren’t much more than an engine on a plank of wood and four wheels, grand luxury sedans of 20s 30s, and the wonderful excesses of the 50s with magnificent color and elongated tail fins. See tiny cars without any soul built in Japan and copied by Americans.

The history of the auto is unveiled bearing witness to a technologically changed world at a price almost anyone can afford, thanks to Henry Ford’s everyman car. Most clearly present at the museum is America’s love affair with being on the road in a car of choice.



Park City, Utah

Comfortable and Cozy, Old Town Guesthouse is the Best Bed & Breakfast in Park City! Owner Deb Lovci is awesome and makes you feel at home any time of the year.

Dinner at Vinto with Josh. Always consistently good Italian and reasonable.

Spring Skiing in Park City

Sunny skies, clear starry nights, and a luminous full moon. Almost the only thing missing is the snow. Spring skiing in Park City: good morning runs but afternoon slush. Send the DC snow west!

What a Hunk!

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The grounds of LACMA. A large bit of the desert transported to the city, Levitated Mass, by artist Michael Heizer is a 21.5-foot tall, 340-ton granite megalith. It rests atop two plinths that look too short to support it. But apparently they do. Still we didn’t linger under it, having approached the hunk along a 456-foot-long, slanted granite pathway, a 15-foot graduated decent. Cost $10 million in private donations to move it from a quarry in Riverside, CA, and install it. The LA sun and shadows and palm trees create the more artistic angles. Read more about the 11 day, circuitous journey from quarry to campus:

Art Platform – Los Angeles

Check out Art Platform this weekend in LA through Sunday (Sept 28-30). Inside the Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Airport. Galleries showcase their hottest and wackiest artists. From installation art (decidedly not my favorite), photography (stop by Peter Fetterman Gallery from SM and Modernbook Gallery) to modern and contemporary art, sculpture, and furniture, there’s clearly something for everyone–though there’s clearly no accounting for taste.