Magical Mirrors & More

June 5, 2015

This wax museum in Paris is a wonder of waxy figures and magical mirrors, sure to entertain kids of all ages, especially on a rainy day. There, you can trek through history and popular culture and, as most tourists do, snap a photo with your favorite wax-molded personality.


Noel in conversation with BHL at the Musée Grévin (

Kids can position themselves into cartoon settings, journey with le Petit Prince, or follow the famous squirrel, Scrat, into the Ice Age as he searches for his nutty holy grail.

Wander the halls and admire the grand theatricality of it all, thanks to founder and journalist Arthur Meyer who opened the doors of Grévin wax museum on June 5, 1882 to the Victorian ladies and gentlemen strolling along the Grands Boulevards. Meyer—with the assistance of cartoonist, sculptor, and costume designer Alfred Grévin and investor Gabriel Thomas—introduced celebrities of his era to the public through the 3-dimensional power of waxworks. And, in 1906, as his next act of prestidigitation, he added distorted images by incorporating the Palais des Mirages (Hall of Mirrors) from the 1900 Exposition in Paris.

Behind the restored facade of Musée Grévin is a regal marble staircase, which leads to The Hall of Mirrors (renovated in 2006) and a multi-media show—an introduction to its wax-shaped

Pose with the pope. Engage in conversation with Sartre or BernardHenri Lévy. Stand your ground with Charles de Gaulle or Napoléon. Strum a guitar with Jimi Hendrix. Sit for Picasso or visit Rodin at work in his studio. Never mind if they are dead or alive. Their likeness will intrigue you (or at least your kids).

In this wax palace spectacular gothic and baroque stage settings lead to unexpected encounters through time, history, and culture. As CDG said, “France cannot be France without greatness.” As wax museums this one is great.


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