London to Go

London to Go

Regents Park in London in full bloom on recent sunny Sunday afternoon. Roses were overflowing with color. Geese accepted handouts though the signs cautioned, “don’t overfeed.” Swans glided through green muck. Surprised they didn’t get stuck. Poor swans. Though they seemed intent upon slurping the nasty stuff, I say clean up the green slime. Kids romped on the grounds and paddle-boaters gently churned the waters. A Jewish Music Festival was in full swing while Jews for Jesus passed out pamphlets at the periphery. A wondrous day to be out.

Borough Market London

Seemed all of London was wandering the market stalls here Saturday. Giant chocolate chip cookies, buckets of tempting olives, and colorful produce along with and homemade ice cream and other delights. The chocolate milk shake was worth the trip. #London

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