Daniel Craig Has a Very Good Hair Day

Who would betray Daniel Craig? He’s so hot in “Betrayal” now on Broadway, and that hair! I don’t recall being so enamored of him on film even as James Bond, but in person. Oh that hair!  I did love watching him on stage with his real-life wife, the stunning Rachel Weisz, but I think he was miscast. He should have played the lover not the husband.

This revival of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal directed by Mike Nichols runs through Jan. 5. For me it had the “So what?” factor. At 90 minutes and no intermission, probably the best thing about it after Craig.

The structure of this tale of marital infidelity goes backward in time—perhaps once clever and a provocative device of fading memory—accomplishes nothing artistic now. Add one uncomfortable sex scene that borders on violence, along with a bit of comedy. Again, So what? Still, if you already have tickets, there is the hot (f)actor.


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