Wham, I’ve been meaning to…


My 103-year-old friend once admonished me, “Don’t ever mean to, you never do.” She was right. In one of those “I’ve been meaning to see” moments in time, I missed the Roy Lichtenstein retrospective exhibit when it was at the National Gallery in DC this year.

Happily, I was given a reprieve just this week. Noel and I arrived in Paris to discover Lichtenstein had moved into the Centre Pompidou. We rushed over to see it our second day here and were both delighted by the brilliant lightness, humor, and talent on view. I especially loved his sculptures, which I had never seen. I noticed that they were mostly in private collections. Lucky people. Beyond his giant comic book and pulp romance images, his masterly copies of the masters such as Picasso, Mondrian, and Matisse were delightful and often full of humorous touches. The show was mounted extremely well here and loads of fun. If you’re in Paris, don’t “mean to” see it, enjoy it before it closes on November 4th. http://www.centrepompidou.fr/en

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