Wordless Shakespeare


With clocks ticking and gears grinding time away to the inevitable, Synetic’s Romeo and Juliet is a tour de force in movement. Synced perfectly with appropriate but discordant music (fair warning if your ears cannot abide it) and creative lighting and staging effects, the performance was 80 minutes of innovative action: exuberant physicality that was more like the Jets vs the Sharks albeit in classic costume. How do the opposing forces roll and roil, faint and fall without a sound? Meanwhile, the doomed Romeo and Juliet dance and bend and yield to each other with fiery grace and urgent passion in silhouette, behind billowing white sheets. Leave it to Paata and Irina Twikurishvili to create a silent Shakespeare production that leaves you enthralled and entertained. You know the story. Here love and hate resound silently within the crushing gears of a giant clock. In Paata’s “Shakespeare beyond words” physical vitality is all you need to enjoy the performance. At Synetic Theater in Crystal City until March 27th.